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I hear so many clients speak about the importance of authenticity, not only wanting to imbue it themselves but also expecting it from others. However, in our society, do we really accept people’s authenticity? If you look up what authenticity means, you see the words: genuine, honest, true to oneself etc. If this is what we take to be authenticity, then why when we ask “how are you?” can we not accept when someone says they’re “not ok” or anything out side of “good, and you?”. Life is so much more than “good” or “ok”. We have a day for R U OK? but we don’t live it day by day. How often do we give the space to our friends, family, colleagues to respond authentically? Do we allow ourselves to even feel and connect with our emotions outside of “good” or “ok”?  I myself am an Enneagram 4 which…

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