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About Melanie

Melanie is a Counsellor, Relationship Coach (personal and business) and an international Presenter and Speaker of the Play of Life. Melanie is the Director of Active Learning International Pty Ltd*.

She is an Accredited Play of Life trainer and practitioner, founder and head coach of Enneagram.rc and is a professional member of the International Enneagram Association (IEA).

Melanie has her private practice working alongside Dr. Carlos A Raimundo as a Relationship Coach working with individuals, couples and families. She has previously worked corporately with government and private organisations.

She has worked with Refugees alongside the Murray Valley Sanctuary Refugee Group. Melanie has also facilitated workshops with young women aged 13-17 through the Lillian Howell Project Inc.

Melanie has presented her work internationally in Argentina at the “Summit 2017 – Madres de reforma”, and the Argentinean Enneagram Congress in 2017. She has also presented at the IEA European Enneagram conference in Amsterdam in May 2018.

*Active Learning International Pty Ltd provides tools to fast-track insight & behavioural modification to help people help people.

“Relationships are more than just about me and you, it’s what happens between us two!” – Melanie Raimundo

Melanie is the Director of Active Learning International,
the umbrella organisation of all programs facilitated and presented by Melanie.

What people say?

Through my sessions and time seeing Melanie, I found my own voice and feel a lot better. I now have a big well of resilience and self confidence, I am not reactive to others. I see the world differently now.
I have found since attending the meeting with Melanie, I now have the ability to stop my train of thought, and redirect it into a more positive approach when faced with negativity or an unpleasant situation. I am able to identify how my personality might work well with others, or at times clash, and how to better approach and interact with others, whether it be on a personal level or within the workplace.”