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Many times I have heard my clients inadvertently say they want to change another person or want to understand how to get that person to stop doing what they are doing. At the end of the day, we can’t change people, all we can do is work on ourselves. So firstly, rather than talking about that person my client is struggling to understand, I ask them “what do they do to trigger you? Why does this affect you so much?” Once we know our own triggers we can understand that sometimes it’s our perception of the persons’ actions, not the action or intention itself that caused us to react.But what if it was purposeful? What if that person is just bad!? How do I deal with that?When you see that person that presses your buttons walking across the room towards you or is at the cafe you are walking to,…

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What does success mean to you? Is being happy, kind and loved a sign of success? For me it does. I believe in constantly challenging ourselves to be the best we can be in every way. Bettering ourselves and seeking help is not a one-step process it’s like working out to get fit, you don’t get abs from 1 gym session. Asking for help along the way is a good way to stay on track and have someone to hold your hand through it or to keep pushing you (like a Personal Trainer that asks for 5 more instead of 2). Us coaches are like personal trainers for your heart and mind. Keep working on you and you’ll see you start to bloom from the inside out and don’t be scared to ask for help! P.s people notice this growth too… it’s pretty cool 😎💪🏼🌱

“Treat others the way you want to be treated,” we have all heard the saying, but in reality, not everyone wants what we want. Imagine if we start asking others how they want to be treated or start listening and noticing others’ needs and wants. In doing this, we may improve our current relationships or even open doors to new relationships. Of course, we will never honestly know what others want or need (we may never know for ourselves), but imagine how beautiful the world would be if we started thinking about others’ wants rather than purely our own. I invite us to change the saying to “treat others the way they want to be treated,” we can begin by actively listening and speak not only through our intention but more predominantly with our actions. Let’s learn to live life better together!